Prepare for your 2022 tax returns. Don’t procrastinate! You have to file sooner or later if you do it sooner you save money and possible underpayment of quarterly estimated taxes penalties. Let us help you get organized now. WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS TILL MARCH 7th 2023!

Make sure you get your accounting started ASAP to see how your profit and loss is looking so far to see if we can suggest any tax plan or retirement planing to save your business money before Dec 31st 2022.

You can still pay the 1040-es 4th quarter and avoid interest penalties.

Please call to schedule an in person appointment (see our CHECKLIST to make sure you have all your tax forms before scheduling).

We are offering in person appointments and remote tax preparation as well. We can assist you remotely from the comfort of your home or office in one or more of following ways:

Email us your documents (all documents must be in one email or link to your dropbox/ google drive). Email:

Fax us your documents. Fax: (718)349-0615

Drop off your documents 24hrs a day in our drop box in the door. Please call if dropped after hours. Call: (718)383-2463

Video Conference: We are equipped with all virtual meeting tools including ZOOM, FACETIME, WHATSAPP, SKYPE etc… for clients who still prefer to virtually “meet” with a live human being. All tax issues can be discussed in real time and meetings are conducted like any other in person appointment. Call for an appointment (718)383-2463


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